POA #3 Sponsored by Alaska Airlines Now Online

Converted to an online webinar.

First one: March 19 at 7:30









Standby!  Berkeley YC is closed to group meetings due to Coronavirus.  We support their prudent move!

We will report out our plan shortly. If we can organize a location for it, we may try a webcast webinar.

















Our THIRD preparation seminar will be March 15 at Berkeley Yacht Club.
This seminar will focus on our intermediate-range preparation items.  Things that we really need to be thinking about.

Among them:

  • Sail Selection
    • North Sails' Own Seadon Wijsden, a skilled navigator and sail expert, will talk about what sails you should take, when to use them, and how to fix them underway
  • Liferafts
    • Well, perhaps you have not lined yours up yet, but we'll talk about selection, stowage, and maintenance. It's the most expensive gear we hope you'll never need.
  • Provisioning and Water
    • Commodore Michael, after eleven and a half trans-Pacific passages, knows a few things about provisions. Whether it's freeze-dried on a super fast boat, or steaks on the transom grill, there are decisions to be made to maintain a happy healthy crew
  • Going Green
    • We're teaming with Sailors for the Sea to deliver a greener regatta and promote environmentally sound boating practices.  We'll talk about the program and some tips for you.
  • Medical and First Aid
    • John Taussig, of Back Country Medical Guides will provide an overview of your preparation for, prevention of, and response to medical problems.
    • EMERGENCY CALL practice.  We've arranged for medical support coverage during the race.  We'll demonstrate how it works with a call to the GWU emergency doctors!
  • Return Trip Advice
    • How you gonna get the boat back? We'll have Jim Quanci (green buffalo) a few veterans of the return, and of boat shipping, here to share advice, and experiences.
    • Raffles, advice, reef-safe sunscreen
    • Post-seminar party

Sign up today!  Lunch included!