Crew and delivery

I am a delivery captain and have done hawaii deliveries for owners, transpac, and vic maui.  Over 64k miles on the pacific ocean its coastlines, through the canal, carribean, mexico, and alaska.  Have extensive ocean racing experience from lasers to melges 24's and 70 foot sleds.

I am currently open for 2020 on delivery back, and if you pick me up as crew I give a break on the delivery.  An accomplished helmsman, and navigator, who can pretty much do any position on the boat.

Ready to work. Lake, Bay, Coastal Sailor

I am looking for opportunities to improve my sailing skills on any boat with a competent and safety-minded crew. I began sailing in winter 2017, but I am addicted and I have packed in a lot of experience since then. My experience is primarily inland with sailing in San Francisco Bay and along the coast at every opportunity. My racing experience has been primarily around buoys. Most of my experience on the bay and coast has been as trimmer, mast, and foredeck, though I am willing to do any job needed.

Emergency RN, Sailor, boat owner looking for boat to crew on for 2020. Also have additional rock-star sailor who wants on same boat. Read below...

Looking for a Pac cup ride for 2020! Have 17 years emergency nurse experience and 11 years sailing/racing experience. Have a moore 24, and a Byte CII. Did return delivery in 2016, also sailed down a third of eastern Australia in 2010 - where I met the amazing Wendy Tuck - who is looking for a ride on the same boat. She has raced around the world twice, winning once, and done 11 Sydney-Hobart races, winning several. Shes not currently in the bay area as she is about to bring Maiden south and around the Horn... Google her!

sailor, pilot, coachable, age: 23, 6' 175lbs, crew either direction

I'm interested in racing to Hawaii or possibly crewing on the way back if needed. I'd like to sail a Transpac and this is probably a good way to build skills and connections.

I have lots of sailing experience, but I don't have any open-ocean sailing experience. My understanding of weather and navigation is from aviation and should transfer to offshore sailing with a bit of practice. I would consider myself to be coachable and agreeable. I know a bit about celnav. I know a good bit about engines. Great at cooking. Can't sing but I might do it anyways!